“Best Service In Australia”

Best Service in Australia - Dirty Stories

“Best Service Ever”

It was that time of year again and Ben was at his local mechanic to get the pink slip for his car. The manager returned to the front desk with a clipboard. “You will need the service, four tyres, brake pads and the two front discs machined.” Ben frowned. “How much will that be?” “I’d say around about $1,500.” Dave, the manager replied. Ben wasn’t too happy with the price but he needed his car for his flower business. If he couldn’t deliver flowers, he would be losing money. “What time can I pick it up?” he enquired. “Ashley should have it ready by 5 o’clock.” Ben left the shop and returned at 5pm on the dot.

“Hello.” He called out. Ten minutes went past and no-one came to the front desk. Ben was starting to get annoyed and decided to go into the workshop. “Hello.” He called again, not concealing the edge of annoyance in his voice. “I will be with you in a moment.” A male voice replied. Oh great, he thought. Dave’s left some dufus in charge whilst this Ashley girl has gone off somewhere – how unprofessional. Another ten minutes went by and Ben again went into the workshop. “Will Ashley be long?” he asked. He watched as his car was lowered to the ground and was mightily surprised as a lean, muscled guy in overalls emerged from behind the car. “All done.” He smirked. “Sorry to keep you waiting.” “Oh, oh, that’s alright.” Ben stammered. He flashed a wide smile at him and wiped his hands on his overalls. “I’m Ashley. I’ll get the bill printed up for you now.” He brushed past him and quickly keyed in a few items and produced the bill. “Will that be cash or card?” He enquired.

Ben swallowed hard as he saw Ashley had lowered the zip on his overalls. “It’s been a very hot day hasn’t it?” He stated, fanning himself with a magazine. Ben nodded his head slowly as he stared at the well defined six pack and handed over his card. “Is that savings or credit.” He asked. “gorgeous.” He said absently. “Thank you.” He smiled at him from lowered lashes. He watched how his body moved as he walked to the clipboard and back to the computer. “Hmm what?” he said nervously as he realised what he just said. “Oh, credit.” He said quickly. “Ok.” Ashley smiled wickedly at him as he processed the transaction and gave him the receipt. He gulped as he saw that he’d lowered the zip even more and he could see the top of his v. He couldn’t believe his luck! “I hope you’re okay with this. I know you weren’t expecting a man, but then I wasn’t expecting someone like you either.” He laughed and looked him straight in the eye. “I guess not.” Ben replied hoarsely. Ashley smiled as he saw the bulge in Ben’s trousers.

Ashley was only inches away. “I think you also have a problem with your gear stick.” He whispered. “What? You tell me now?” Ben said indignantly, then saw the direction of his gaze and immediately understood. “Oh.” It was all he could manage to say. Before he knew it Ashley was stroking his jeans and he groaned. Ben grasped the hair on the back of his head and invaded his mouth with his probing tongue, feverishly pulling at the zip so it lowered all the way down. Ashley gasped as Ben grabbed his high firm bottom and forced him up against him, feeling the hardness of his body and his obvious want of him. Ben turned him around, and moved him towards the front counter and leaned him up against the edge. “Just the right height.” He murmered. “Now how shall we get these off?” He made short work of the overalls and went to work on his mouth-watering body. He teased him with his “gear stick” until he could stand it no longer.

Ben helped Ashley pull his overalls back up. “Now, that’s the best service I’ve had in a long time.” he said with a grin on his face. “I hope you’re not going to charge me any extra.” Ashley laughed. “Now, come again won’t you.” He smiled cheekily. Of course, Ben did – he came many, many times, and was planning to keep the car running like a well-oiled machine for the foreseeable future.