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1900 999 229 – Pin 105

($4.95 per min inc gst, higher rate for calls from pay phones and mobile phones. 1900 aust)


Hey there, I love having gay phone fun.  My name is David (pronounced Dahvid) and I love chatting to you about the hottest scenarios and sexy role plays. I’m a bi sexual guy.  When I was a bit younger I thought I only liked women and then I started to realise that I loved being with guys and that part of me is growing every day.  I always knew I was a little different to my brothers.  The turning point was when I was changing at the gym and a guy gave me the look.  I was a bit bothered by it but strangely attracted to the guy and I just couldn’t get it out of my head.  I kind of pushed this aside and then it happened again – not in a change room, but at a bar.  The guy bought me a drink and we started talking. I didn’t think he was gay at first but when I realised I felt this kind of thrill. I just can’t explain it. I still like women and I’ve had a couple of flings but my attention is increasingly being drawn to hot guys.  My Mother was devastated when she found out but my brothers were cool - I had no idea that they’d known all along!  Now, I’m making up for lost time and I love to chat to you guys and learn everything I can about the gay scene. I like to keep fit and I’m into martial arts and painting.  I’m an architect the rest of the time which keeps me busy but I always make time to play.  You can catch me most afternoons and nights until about midnight (Eastern Standard Time) So call me and let’s have some sexy fun xx

  • Name: David
  • Ethnicity: Aussie
  • Body Type: Slim
  • Skin Colour: Fair
  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • Hair Length: Collar Length
  • Size: eight inches
  • Style: Hot Gay Guy