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Dom Line – Your Master Wants You

1900 999 221 * - Dom Line

($4.95 per min inc gst, higher rate for calls from pay phones and mobile phones. 1900 aust)


I’m Jake – your dom and master, and one of many doms on this line.  Remember to say “Yes Master” when you address me.  Also remember that I own your ass inside and out and you will do everything I say or suffer the consequences! You will worship me and you’d better please me – or else! You will follow my instructions to the letter.  Kneel and serve your Master!  Be attentive and remember who’s in charge unless you want to suffer my wrath. If you don’t want to feel the sting of my whip then you had better obey! Perhaps you like pain though…in which case don’t be good and I will go crazy.  I have all sorts of surprises in store for you. Call me right now!

  • Name: Jake, Hank, Stephen, Logan, Aiden, Tyler, Chance, Gabriel, Ricky, Jack, Nick
  • Ethnicity: Australian, Panamanian background, Greek background, Italian background, African background
  • Body Type: buff
  • Skin Colour: fair to dark
  • Hair Colour: Blonde, brown, black
  • Hair Length: Collar length & Long
  • Size: six to ten
  • Style: Demanding Dom