“Santa Sex”

“Santa’s Naughty Elf”


Santas Helper - dirty storiesLeon was getting a bit bored with his job. Being a managing director had its perks but was very demanding and having to stay back every night until 7pm was starting to get very tiring. Day in and out it was the same story – everybody wanted something from him and they all wanted it yesterday.

The greatest distraction of the day was morning and afternoon tea. Every day an old man would arrive with a trolley and Leon could get hot snacks, sandwiches, biscuits, chocolates and drinks. He felt rather resentful that he had no excuse to go out and have a proper lunch break.

Christmas was drawing close and the office was down to a skeleton staff. As it was Christmas eve, Leon hoped that at least he would get some kind of christmas fare. It was 4pm and only a few people remained in the building. His stomach growled in protest as he forgot to buy sandwiches for lunch. He wondered if the trolley would arrive at all considering it was christmas eve.

He heard the familiar squeak of the trolley as he scrutinised the latest sales figures. “A cup of coffee and a slice of cake please.” He said without looking up. He expected the normal response from George, the sixty something trolley guy. He would get a long list of what was and wasn’t available and more than likely would be disappointed with the selection. He heard the door close but didn’t look up - he would be back. The old bugger was probably getting the instant coffee.

Leon felt something brush up against the back of his neck and attempted to flick away what ever it was – some bug no doubt. He mentally noted that he’d have to speak to the office manager about the yearly insect spraying. There it was again.. Annoyed, he looked up and was startled to see a sexy young guy in a sizzling santa outfit leaning over his shoulder.

“Hmm. I think you need to forget that work on the table or I might have to sit on it” He said in a silvery voice. Leon swallowed. “You’re not George. What’s going on?” The gorgeous guy smiled and said,  “I’m Dale - santa’s helper. I hear you need a little help in the fun department.” “Oh, this is some kind of joke.” Leon said shrewdly. He got up quickly and strode to the door, only to find no candid camera crew, and in fact no-one at all in the office. He turned to face him and sharply inhaled as he was bending over his desk in a provocative position. He looked at him over his shoulder…

“Didn’t you only last week, wish that you had more excitement in your life?” He enquired with a cheeky grin on his face. “Simon. Did he put you up to this?” Leon demanded. He remembered a conversation he had with his counterpart in finance a few days ago, complaining how he wished he had more time over the xmas break so he could pick up a hot guy and get some Santa sex.  His sexuality was well known in the office but he only confided in Simon as he knew how to keep his mouth shut. He shrugged as if he didn’t know what he was talking about. “So do you want your present now?” he smirked.

Leon approached. He was magnificent, and his skimpy costume fit snugly in all the right places. He drew up so close to him so that he could feel his hot breath against his neck. “So am I right?” he questioned hoarsely. “It would be very right if you used that bulge in your pants.” he responded cheekily. Damian breathed in his seductive aftershave and couldn’t deny his desire for this incredible guy who looked at him so lustfully.

Finally, he could no longer control himself and slid his hands around his waist. “Show me what you have under that santa costume.” He whispered roughly. Dale removed his red G-string and let it drop to the floor. “Mm.” Leon bent his head savouring his well defined arms and strong shoulders.  Dale groaned as Leon’s hands ventured further down, enjoying the surprise package that was only his.  Dale resumed his position, bending over the desk and looking behind him at Leon’s desire barely contained in his suit trousers. “Santa’s helper has been very naughty this year.” Thwack. “You must be punished because you’ve been very, very bad.” He continued. “Ow.” Dale shouted with a mock shriek. “Oh, I intend to punish you mercilessly.” Leon said excitedly.

Dale wiggled his buttocks at him provocatively, the red mark impertinatly winking at him. Leon firmly grabbed his full brown hair. “I’m just getting warmed up elf.” Dale gasped as he felt Leon’s firm grip on his Santa surprise.  “Now we are going to play unwrap the christmas present.” Dale closed his eyes as he heard the zipper. He licked his lips in anticipation of what Simon had told him about Leon’s ample reputation…..

It turned out to be the best Christmas Eve ever. He would have to remember to thank Simon.