“Secretary Sex”

“Taking Dictation”

secretary sex - dirty storiesBeing the new secretary, Bruce tried his best to please the boss. He felt a bit conspicuous that he was a secretary and a male secretary at that. He didn’t know why he got the job over all of the other hot women he’d seen in the hallway that day waiting for their interviews. He was sure the boss would be into some female secretary sex, but he didn’t question it. It was his first job after school and he tried to blend in and not give anyone a reason to think he wasn’t a normal red blooded male even though he’d come out of the closet a couple of years ago to his family and friends.

David was the consummate businessman who always closed the deal and cut an immaculate figure in his expensive Italian suits and silk ties. He enjoyed his life as a managing director of the most prestigious real estate firm in the country. At thirty five he was still young and considered to be a good catch. He had a bit of a reputation in the office as being a lady killer.

At nineteen, Bruce liked his part time job, but had been offered another closer to home and had accepted yesterday, and now had to find the right time to break the news.

Dictation was the most unsettling part of the day as he found David to be quiet a distraction. He was handsome for sure, but was annoyingly pedantic in how everything had to be done. Bruce absently brushed a piece of lint off his jacket as he stared out of the window. He jumped as he heard his name bellowed from the next office. It was already after four thirty and he was late for dictation…again!

“I swear I will get that window papered over!” David said angrily. He hated being kept waiting, especially by this young rooster that pranced around the office in a sexy suit every day, making him crazy. Of course, everyone thought he was straight. He wondered if Bruce saw through the charade and knew the effect he had on him he wondered? “So sorry,” Bruce said breathlessly as he took his seat. David noticed his slim waist and the bulge in his trousers that indicated he was probably very well hung – either that or a sock he thought wryly.

Bruce looked at his watch and noticed it was drawing near five o’clock. “Unfortunately, you’ll have to stay back until this is done.” This was the second time this week he’d been late so he didn’t argue. Five o’clock came and went and they were the only ones left in the office.

Bruce took down all of the notes and went to get up, accidentally knocking the paperclips onto the floor. “I’m so sorry.” He spluttered. David sighed as he bent over, picking up the clips one by one, providing him with an excellent view of his firm buttocks and the hint of boxers underneath. Yes, they were red. Bruce picked up the last of the paperclips and turned to see a strange look on David’s face.

He looked down and saw the bulge in his trousers and blushed, not knowing where to look. David couldn’t take it anymore. “Do you see what you’ve done? What do you expect with those tight trousers.” He accused. “You parade around every day showing off your six pack and those arms, driving me crazy.” Bruce swallowed hard. He realised he wanted him and admitted to himself that he’d had fantasies of his own but had buried them as he thought David was straight, not to mention that he was his boss.“I’m resigning!” he blurted out. “Don’t be ridiculous.” He scowled. “You don’t have to resign because of this.” He softened his tone. “It’s not the reason. I’ve been offered a job with much more money and it’s closer to home. I’ve made up my mind.” he stated quickly, handing him his letter. “Oh, so I can’t change your mind then?” David asked cautiously. “No.” Bruce said.

Slowly standing up, a thought dawned upon David. Bruce was not technically his employee now. He locked the door and pulled down the shade. “What’s that for?” Bruce asked, just a little alarmed. He was having visions of being battered by this tall hunk of a man. David ignored the question. “Ok, well I’ll organise your pay tomorrow as you wish to leave straight away. David extended his hand and Bruce shook it but David gripped his hand and pulled him in close.” Bruce slid his arms about his waist and groaned as he felt David’s hardness up against his own. As quick as lightning David spun him around and he was leaning over his desk. David made quick work of his belt and trousers revealing his tight, white jocks. He marvelled at those tight buttocks. “How did you know I was gay?” Bruce asked between deep breaths. “I’m an expert.” David laughed. “You didn’t know I was gay either did you?” “No, you had a reputation as a lady killer so well I thought you were straight.” David chuckled. “I’ve been watching you for months. Now spread those legs apart and let me give you your leaving present.” “Yes sir.” He breathed. “Take your punishment like a good boy.” He continued. He heard him unzip his fly and watched the reflection in the glass wall of the office.

He knew he was going to enjoy this punishment for hours. They do say “spare the rod spoil the child.” However, Bruce was no longer a child, and there definitely wasn’t any rod being spared here….